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April 26, 2017

It was dinner time and our car was stuck around Kalayaan Avenue and Makati Avenue.
We were on our way to Greenhills but at the rate the vehicles were moving, we would starve before we’re able to free ourselves from the Makati gridlock.

A bright idea popped out of my daughter’s head. FOOD! Where?
Paper Moon Italian Restaurant on the 65th floor of Knightsbridge Residences Tower at the Century City.

There are two or three horses in the lobby of the condominium where the restaurant is.
Papermoon Knightsbridge condominium

After climbing 65 floors, there’s a much smaller elevator that goes up to Paper Moon on the roof top.
papermoon, elevator

Paper Moon menus

Soup, Pasta, Main Course
Paper Moon soup menu

Appetizer menu
Paper Moon,  appetizer menu

Salad menu
Paper Moon  salad menu

List of side dishes
Paper Moon side dishes

We finished this thin crust bread in a flash not because we were hungry but because they were truly delicious. (Excellent)
Paper Moon, thin crust bread

We were given another set of bread. (Very good)
Paper moon bread basket

Time out, I went to the toilet first to wash my hands. I couldn’t help but take a photo of the nice washroom. Syempre naman, dapat the toilet must be nice otherwise it would not represent the high-end value Century Properties is creating for their clientele.
Paper Moon toilet

The restaurant is sprawling, from end to end of the floor.
Paper Moon, dining area

There are two bar areas, one is near the main dining area and wash rooms.
Paper Moon Italian Restaurant, bar

This bar lounge for smokers is located on the far end of the building occupying three sides. The view from all sides is amazing. Daig pa nasa eroplano.
Paper Moon bar for smokers

Paper Moon restaurant,  bottles

After our Scotch Whisky experience in Edinburgh, we now want to have a whole wall dedicated to the future Yee family wine collection. That’s a plan that I don’t see happening in the near future. We don’t have a space anymore at home.
Paper Moon,  wine bottles

The service was fast, I didn’t have much time to explore the huge area.
The waiters were attentive. The Italian restaurant manager, Maurizio, was around to greet customers.
I ordered this salmon tartare for sharing. This was really good.
Paper Moon,  salmon tartare

I ordered this too, clams vongole. Have I ever mentioned before that I am a self-proclaimed clams vongole critic? Every time I see this dish in the menu, I always end up ordering it. I had tasted the vongole of Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas. I had vongole in Scotland, UK, NY, etc. I know what is good and what is not.

Paper Moon’s spaghetti with clams (vongole) sad to say was a miss. My expectations were made higher after the salmon tarte and the thin crust bread which were both excellent.
I was disappointed that the main course failed in taste and in overall quality of the dish. It was missing both in quantity of the main ingredient (clams) and taste. It was not bad, it just had no taste. I asked for salt. I was given a lot but it didn’t help. It just became salty. It didn’t improve the taste. The chef or sous chef named Dave must re-evaluate this dish.
Paper Moon - clams vongole

They didn’t have a salt and pepper shaker. The chef probably didn’t anticipate that someone (like me) would ask for salt. I know some chefs get offended when customers request for additional seasoning.
Paper Moon,  salt

Oyen had Pappardelle Pasta with pink sauce and tiny sliced bacon. This was better than the spaghetti clams. (Good)
Paper Moon,  pappardelle pasta with pink sauce

Desserts Menu
Paper Moon,  desserts

Okay, how shall I put this. Only very few restaurants in the world have pineapple carpaccio in their desserts list.
My gold standard for this dessert is Chef Paul Huang’s version of Fire Lake Grill in Tagaytay.
He compliments the sour taste of the pineapple with home-made mascarpone ice cream. The balance is just perfect. Merong sweet merong sour. Chef Paul’s pineapple carpaccio is the best I have ever eaten so far. I give it an Excellent rating every time.

Paper Moon’s version made my face mukhasim. The pineapple was delicious, however, the lemon sorbet was so maasim and bitter. Maasim na pinya plus maasim na sorbet equals Datu Puti. I called the attention of the waiter in a very nice way. I told him to suggest to the chef to use a sorbet or ice cream that is sweeter like a basic vanilla which I think would be better. There must be a perfect balance in the tastes of the two main ingredients.
Paper Moon,  pineapple carpaccio

Despite some minor disappointments on the vongole and sorbet, I will surely go back and order the other dishes on the menu. I’d like to go for lunch so I could see the spectacular views better.

Paper Moon was born in Milan. This one in Manila is the 6th to open and the very first in Southeast Asia.

65th floor Knightsbridge Residence
4392 B. Valdez St.
Makati City
Reservation: +6327938630
Monday to Sunday Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 23:30


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