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May 18

If my father were alive,  we would have a grand celebration on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

To reach a hundred is rare of course.

I have never imagined myself living up to a hundred.  Impossible.  85 would be great.    When we hear people reaching 85 parang matanda na but actually I know many people who are still active at 80 plus.  The father of former Finance Secretary Gary Teves is 98 and is bedridden according to his son.   My mom in law is way past 80 and she looks like she’s going to hit past 90.  The mom of Cynthia Nakpil is 84 and still plays golf twice a week.  ‘Yan ang maganda,  84, 85, 88, 90  and still enjoying life.

Sana lahat ng tao mahaba ang buhay.   There’s so much about this life that a lifetime seems not enough to have a whole grasp of it.   There’s just too many unknowns we want to discover.  It’s not about experiencing the natural wonders of His creation thru images.  The traveling is only a superficial discovery of beauty on earth.   The spectacular sights and sounds do not define what life truly has to offer.   The magnificent photos we bring home after traveling do not define who we truly are as a people.  There is not even a clue about the meaning of life within ourselves.   We can live up to a hundred and never discover who we really are.

Happy birthday papa.  Your memory will always be in our hearts.  We love you so much.


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