14 hours long flight to London06:49 AM Tuesday March 13, 2018 |

March 11, 2018 Sunday

Antonia served us Purefoods hotdogs, pansit canton, fried chicken for breakfast before we left for the airport. I ate a lot. I mean a lot. Isang bandehadong pansit.

While having breakfast, my husband noticed that we were both wearing color blue.
E—–“Nag blue ka pa. Pareho tayong naka blue”.
A—–“Nauna akong nagbihis kesa sa’yo. Lagi naman akong naka-blue”.
E—–“Gumaya ka pa sa akin”.
A—–“Bakit may intellectual property rights ka ba sa blue?”

When we got to the Mabuhay Lounge, I ate again. Lugaw, sticky rice with mango, fresh mangoes.

Tapos, pagdating sa eroplano, kain na naman. My daughter said kain daw kami ng kain, para kaming hindi busog.

I was really full but baka maalangan ako just like what happened on my flight from San Francisco to Manila in February via Cathay Pacific. Since I was full, I skipped the dinner on board. I woke up hungry.

My husband said we have to eat again kasi nga baka maalangan kami so kain na naman.

PAL inflight movies

PAL flight 720  appetizer

PAL flight,  appetizer

PAL food,  soup

We all ordered cod fish fillet but they ran out so Oyen got beef.
PAL in lfight meal,  cod fish

Irresistible desserts
PAL in flght food,  desserts

I ate the petals
PAL in flight dessert,  London

As if the cake and the Carmen’s Best Ice Cream were not enough, the stewardess went around distributing mango chocolate bars. She gave me two pieces. Then when she went around and saw me finished the two, she gave me two more.
PAL flight,  Mango chocolate

I couldn’t sleep. I was awake the whole time. I watched several movies. After about 7 hours into our journey, the flight attendant asked if I wanted arroz caldo. Of course, I have never refused a bowl of hot lugaw.
PAL lugaw on board to London

I watched several movies, Hitman’s Bodyguard, Breathe, Shape of Water, The Lovers, all by your name, Argo. The one that I enjoyed the most was the Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Ryan Raynolds and Samuel Jackson. It was an action film with a comedy touch. Yen and Edmund watched it too and we all enjoyed it.

When I stood up to go the galley to ask for water, the two female attendants asked me again, how many years na daw kami kasal ni husband. They were talking about me daw, pretty daw ako. Maraming salamat. Some of the staff were very young like 24, 25. I asked if they’ve seen the Northern Lights, not yet pa daw.

Two more hours before landing, we were served breakfast. I was still full from all that food, kain na naman. I put on 5 pounds in the past month. All this PAL food would add 5 more pounds.

PAL breakfast

Angus beef tapa
PAL breakfast,  angus beef

March 12, 2018 Monday

We arrived in Heathrow tired and sleepy but happy. Father and daughter were able to get some sleep during the flight, me no.
Heathrow Airport,  March 12, 2018

I was feeling very warm in fact I was sweating from wearing three layers.
My husband kept telling me to wait till we were outside of the building, baka daw ako ginawin.
Baggage section,  Heathrow

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