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March 19, 2018 Monday, London

I am not referring to the delicious fettucine pasta. I am talking about the 15,000 pesos equivalent I paid to have my teeth filled at a London dental clinic. No choice because my toothaches have been giving me more than discomfort so my daughter didn’t want to agree that I waited till we get back to Manila. She found this Victoria Dental Clinic online and she said it has good reviews. We almost missed the appointment because of the heavy traffic from the airport to the hotel.

We took Uber from Thistle Hotel to the Victoria Dental Centre.

Victoria Dental Centre, London

London dental clinic

The clinic has good and modern facilities. I felt hot in the beginning because the room airconditioning was off. I removed some of my double layers and I also requested them to turn on the aircon. The dentist asked if I were nervous and I wanted my husband to be near me. Para naman akong baby. I was fine, naiinitan lang talaga ako. Malapit na akong mahilo.

The dentist that attended to me was a young Indian-British and the assistant was a female white Caucasian. The lead dentist told me her best friend is a Filipina. That helped break the ice. They were very knowledgeable about the possible condition of my gums and teeth, explaining to me the details. They were careful, thorough, worked with precision while concentrating on my teeth. They were not chatting about their personal lives while doing my teeth.

My husband and Oyen patiently waited outside in the clinic’s lounge although I encouraged them to just leave me so they could window shop outside.

The process was done in less than an hour. The dentist advised me to visit my regular dentist as soon as I get back to Manila.

I would rate this dentist an A.

We took an Uber back to the hotel and the driver impressed us by his good grasp of Tagalog. He even knows the main roads and places in Manila. Apparently he used to have a Filipina nurse girlfriend and the way he talks mostly he has visited our country. His former girlfriend is from Pangasinan and she had to go back to the Philippine due to visa issued in UK.
Uber driver speaks Tagalog

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