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Addicted to social media

Many complain of losing sleep or not having enough rest at night. Millions of people suffer from lack of enough sleep our body needs. But a recent study shows that the main reason for that is because people are now addicted to their cellphones and social media.

I myself use gadgets and social media daily. This is now part of our lives. We communicate with friends and family minute by minute. Talking with someone thousands of miles away is made easy and convenient with a flick of a finger. Our day to day lives are now dependent heavily on this inventions.

The study also claims that the light our phones emit also keep us awake. We are only half-asleep. Our minds are subconsciously thinking if there’s a new message from who ever. That keeps us from having a solid good night sleep.

We sleep beside our phones. The last thing we do at night is to check on our messages and the first thing we do as soon as we wake up is to check again our phones for messages or posts.

I do that too. But I cannot say that I am addicted to it. I can still live without a cellphone. I can go on weeks without checking my Facebook account.
The only reason why I use my laptop is to update my blog. Not for people to read it but lest I would forget where I was or what I did. First and foremost, I wanted to remember things, people, places, events. Most especially now that my forgetfulness is becoming more evident. I am afraid I now have an early onslaught of dementia. It’s been days since I’ve been trying to remember what month we went to Scotland with Edmund’s friends. I will check on OMB first. Okay there you go, in April 2017. I couldn’t recall when. If not for my post, I would have totally missed the dates.
At the rate I am going, one day I would forget even my name. I hope not.

I see lots of little kids with their own iPhones and iPads. At the restaurants couples / parents don’t talk to each other. They are both glued on their phones, the kids too. Personal communication or interaction with your family will soon be an effort. It would eventually become a chore, a requirement, forced not spontaneous. That’s sad.

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