Am trying to organize photos and files08:28 AM Friday April 06, 2018 |

One section of a cabinet in the study room had been invaded by termites.

cabinets with termite

The termites feasted on some of our family memento such as old photo albums, VHS tapes, greeting cards from my parents to my children, handwritten letters of my mother making all those paalala about life.

I asked the maids to burn one mound of anay but unfortunately, inside their house were valuables. No monetary or market value but with sentimental value, only to me. Meron pang $30 nakasipit in one of the cards my mom sent to my kids, nasunog din.

burnt dollar bills from my mother

old photos,  for indexing

We were able to save CDs containing family photos. These are my treasures.
Oyen Nyke CD 1990

I bought a dozen small plastic boxes / trays and big crates to house the photo albums, video tapes, photo negatives, etc. Kulang pa rin.
plastic boxes for photo albums

I’ve been trying to organize and index our old albums but it might take a while due to the sheer volume.
old photo negatives

Old family photos,  April 2018

Old photos,  for organizing

Thousands more photos are in sacks, boxes, crates, cabinets. I need someone capable to make digital copies and index each photo and album.
I need 300 more years to finish organizing all this.

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