Antonia got mad at Norma10:19 PM Wednesday February 20, 2019 |

February 18, 2019, Monday morning

I was reading the newspaper in the great room when I heard Antonia’s
loud voice coming from the maids’ dining area.  It sounded like she was in an argument but I just ignored it.  Then her voice grew louder.  At exactly 8 am,  she was yelling on top of her voice as if she was fighting with someone.  I put down the newspaper and walked to the stairs leading to the garage.

Me——“Antoniaaaa,  sino’ng kaaway mo?”

Antonia—–“Si Norma mam.  Eh kasi pakialamera”.

I went down the stairs.  Antonia’s voice was still loud but lesser in intensity.  I told her to stop but she wouldn’t.  She got mad because Norma told her “ate, bakit ngayon ka mamamalengke eh aalis ka.  Dapat kahapon ka pa namalengke”.

Antonia—–“Pinakikialaman kung anong ginagawa ko sa kusina. Aalis na lang ako dito.”
Then she changed her mind. “Mag-de-day-off na lang ako.”

Me—–“Antonia, umalis ka na.  Lumakad ka na para ma relax ka.  Wala namang masamang intensyon si Norma.  Umakyat ka, uminom ng tubig at magbuntunghininga ka.

She was still angry and wouldn’t stop ranting until I told her “Papangit ka. Tumigil ka na kung hindi papangit ka.” I said the magic words, she stopped talking.

After an hour, she asked for a gate pass.
A—–“Wow, ganda mo naman, may date ka yata.”
Antonia—-“Ay si mam!”

“Ganda ng kulay ng Coach bag mo ah.”
“Local lang yan mam, binili ko sa mall.”

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