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Our daughter brought us to Clos Maggiore in King Street Covent Garden for her birthday blow-out dinner. She only had two guests, her parents.

Clos Maggiore, Rosette Award

Clos Maggiore, atrium

Clos Maggiore, easter eggs

Clos Maggiore, private dining room

The washroom was on the second floor. The ambiance reminded me of the Michelin Star restaurant in Edinburgh.
Clos Maggiore ladies washroom
Etoile wall paper in the women’s toilet
clos Maggiore, women's toilet

The gracious host and blessing to mankind.

Bday girl Clos Maggiore

clos Maggiore table setting

clos Maggiore menu

Clos Maggiore main course menu

Wine list
clos Maggiore wine selection list

Men like to taste first the wine before pouring but 100% of the time they say yes. It’s just like a ritual and formality.
clos Maggiore red wine

My daughter was the one who picked this restaurant. I didn’t know when she booked a table. If she did that weeks before we left Manila.
Bday dinner @ Clos Maggiore,

With her lucky guests
Oyen's Bday Dinner Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore, steak

A waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted cheese on our pasta. I saw him grating what I thought was the usual parmiggiano cheese on Oyen’s plate. Then he asked me, I said yes please. Only after he left our table that I discovered that he grated not cheese but a whole truffle. I was focused on taking pictures that was why I didn’t see what he was actually grating. If I had known that it was black truffle I would not make him stop. I just love black truffles.

Clos Maggiore, Oyen and truffle pasta

This was my super delicious truffle pasta. The truffle was not just drops of oil but I could see the real truffle, lots and lots of it.
Clos Maggiore, truffle pasta
Time for dessert
Clos Maggiore, dessert menu

Three decades ago, God sent us the prettiest angel to bind Edmund and I together.
roses from daddy,

Because I delivered thru caesarian section, I was only able to stand up and go to the nursery after two days. The pediatrician told me my baby.s so pretty and had pinkish skin and was the cleanest looking baby she had ever delivered.

oyen baby photos 026, ultrasound

oyen baby photos 031

oyen baptismal photo

oyen baptismal photo, church

oyen baby photos 034 hello kitty with daddy

This girl used to nervously cling to my hands and skirt to make sure I was always by her side.

oyen baby photos 032

oyen baby photos 033 with daddy

She was very observant and even when she was still little she would ask me why I looked sad and about to cry. She still does up to now. She asks every single time.

The roles have changed. I am the one clinging to her so I don’t trip and fall. She guides me literally and figuratively. She is a pillar of strength to her parents most especially to her mother. She is a generous sister to her only sibling.

When I was pregnant with her, I prayed fervently that the baby only inherit whatever good genes Edmund and I have. Whatever good and beautiful and none of the negative traits. I also prayed that she be stronger than I was.
God gave me the whole package. Everything in my checklist and even more.

Bday girl at Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden


  1. Happy Birthday Oyen! Wishing you all the goodness in life. Make a wish

    I’m an April baby myself ✋

  2. Happy Birthday Oyen! I wish you all goodness in life. Make a wish

    I’m an April baby myself ✋

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