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Edmund and I were invited to a wedding and I was disappointed when I saw that guests were also required to wear specific colors.  I thought this thing only applies to sponsors.  It has become a trend daw according to a friend of mine that guests are also required to wear specific motif or color. Siguro maganda sa pictures nila dahil uniformed colors but I personally think this imposition is unnecessary.

In panic I rummaged through my boxes of old gowns and I found a blue Pitoy Moreno gown.  It needed alteration to make it bigger around the waistline.

Pitoy Moreno blue gown

I brought it to Amir Sali’s shop and when they saw that it was a creation by Pitoy Moreno,  they didn’t want to touch it or more so alter it.  It’s a collector’s item na daw.

Honey, Amir’s assistant
Honey,  Amir Sali

Amir said no one alters a Pitoy gown.  It should be  preserved in its original form. As a compromise,  I asked him to make me a very simple gown devoid of any sequins or bling-bling.  He gladly agreed.

Amir Sali  dark gray gown

The gown was finished in three days but I decided not to attend the wedding. I was not in a proper frame of mind to socialize because I was incredibly upset about some things. I still am. I am not good at hiding my emotions and my mood would be too obvious. The bad thing about locking unhappiness is you are also not able to express happiness. I didn’t want to sit there and frown, or worst, cry.
A wedding is a happy occasion and one must attend only with nothing but good and cheerful feelings.


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