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When I saw what the women were screaming about, medyo na iskandalo ako ng konti. I didn’t know what to feel. Medyo… nay ko po. I touched my chest with my left hand. Nay ko. OMG!

Shall I cover my eyes? Of course not. But what the effff!

The first thing that I noticed was a woman presumably from the audience seating on a chair on the far left hand corner of the stage. There’s a topless guy wearing briefs sitting on her lap and moving like a snake, gyrating in front of her and making effing moves. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wondered what the woman was thinking and feeling. Enjoy na enjoy siguro.
Dyos ko, nay ko po.

On the far right hand side of the stage, another woman from the audience was also on a chair and the same thing, there’s a mala-Adonis guy with his legs apart, anchored on both sides of the woman. He was moving his body like a python, boneless.
I can’t describe it, I will just draw. Imagine that the woman is seated not standing up. Sorry I am an abstract artist.

Here: Yung colored portion eh salawal ni boneless Adonis.

Chippendales act

I couldn’t imagine being in the place of this woman. Dyos ko. Eto yung tipong you never tell your husband where you’ve been at sigurado bugbog sarado ka. You will move like a python after he’s done with you dahil bali-bali ang buto mo.

Nalimutan ko na what the background music was while this was happening. Sure ako not Careless Whisper.

I am not a conservative person, sobra nga akong talipandas but I was still a bit taken aback by what was going on. I was by myself kaya mahinhin ako. Siguro kung may mga kasamahan ako, baka naubos hininga ko katitili.

I tried to be composed and showed no interest. Actually for the first few minutes I was worrying about what I would tell my husband, why I watched Chippendales eh I’ve been telling him all along that I was going to a magic show. How will I explain to him that Chippendales is also a magic show? Hindi yata lulusot yung correlation. Mga nakahubad at kakadyot-kadyot na magikero?


  1. Ms Annie… all u need to tell Edmund is that it was indeed a MAGIC show kc biglang nag-MAGIC ung mga damit ng Chippendales at nag-MAGIC din na MAGALING pala sila sa ACROBATICS at pang- OLYMPICS pa ang mga TALENTS nila kc talaga naman LAGLAG sa floor ang AUDIENCE

    Take care and enjoy ur vacation in Vegas ❤️ GOd bless u and keep u safe always ❤️

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