Breakfast sets the day’s mood10:10 AM Friday April 06, 2018 |

Health gurus preach that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the beginning of our day and much energy is needed so we could go about our activity without feeling week or hungry. We are advised that we should have a complete meal for breakfast so our day would be full of energy.

Breakfast could also work the opposite way. It also depends on who you are having breakfast with. A good eating companion who engages in a lively banter and conversation could set the mood for the day. But if you are having breakfast with someone who chooses to text other people while you are conversing, then you are surely in bad company. You’d rather eat alone than be with this kind of breakfast companion. The situation will just pull your spirit down and you’ll end up throwing up all your food intake. It will destroy not just your morning, but the mornings, afternoons and evenings to come. So please choose who you will have breakfast with.

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