Bruno Mars ticket sold08:59 AM Thursday April 26, 2018 |

The Bruno Mars ticket we were selling was bought yesterday evening.
We didn’t expect that there would be such interest. There were at least 6 people who wanted to buy the ticket. My daughter sold the ticket for 25,000 and we found out that others were selling tickets for as high as 31k. I accompanied Oyen to SM Megamall ticket center. The female buyer verified first the authenticity of the ticket by checking if indeed the ticket serial number was listed in the computer with Oyen’s name and receipt number. Then she parted with her 25k cash. She also bought another ticket for the same price.

We checked the prices for the upcoming concerts of Bruno Mars in Las Vegas and front seats are up for as high as $1,500 a ticket. Kung dalawa kami $3,000 nay ko po. I was telling my husband hindi namin matyempuhan si Bruno Mars. Baka 10 years from now the more his stars would rise eh di the tickets would still be expensive. Edmund said 20 years from now baka medyo mura na ticket nya. Twenty years from now I would not be able to sway and swing while Bruno sings. Laos na kami nun.

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