Burlington has opened11:58 PM Wednesday June 24, 2020 |

Some stores have reopened like Burlington. Many are offering big discounts up to 70%. I am not comfortable yet to linger inside enclosed stores unless it’s really necessary.
People are excited to go out shopping. Eh merong pila outside because stores regulate the number of people they are letting in to observe social distancing. Even if it’s hot outside, excited shoppers patiently queue under the sun.


Thousands of stores in America are closing for good. I feel happy for the businesses because the economy is slowly moving. People are now allowed to go out and shop while observing social distancing and wearing of mask,
On the other hand, I am still worried because the corochin virus is still very much alive and kicking!

I wish everyone good health and safety. Let’s continue to practice physical distancing, wear masks, sanitize. I’ve seen many who don’t adhere to this simple life-saving tips. Please, follow and save lives. Yours and ours.

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