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For a change my husband and daughter decided to take Cathay Pacific to the West Coast instead of the direct flights of PAL. CX flights are via HK and therefore entail longer travel time. Instead of going straight to the US from Manila, one must fly to HK first, wait for two hours then fly to the US for the same number of hours if flying straight from Manila to the US.

When my daughter arrived back in Manila in January, she told us that the flight felt longer. When it was my turn to fly home, oh it took almost 15 hours to reach HK, plus two hours waiting time, plus another two hours to Manila, a total of 19 hours. Had I taken PAL, it would have been a 13 or 14 hours direct flight. It was okay, just like what my husband said “for a change”.

February 9, 2018 Friday

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 281

It was an early morning flight contrary to PAL’s midnight flights. I made sure I was at the airport at least two hours before my scheduled flight.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 290

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 291

Most of the time I feel lazy going to the airline passenger lounges kasi malayo. Turn right here and walk all the way to the end and that’s where PAL’s lounge is.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 309

Turn left here and that’s where Cathay’s Lounge is.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 310

CX lounge
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 311

I ate a lot of food at the lounge, for breakfast and lunch combined.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 312

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 318

Nice lounge
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 316

Coming here makes one feel the value of paying extra money for tickets.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 317

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 319

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 315

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 320

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 321

I ate half a bowl of clam chowder.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 322

Chicken over rice
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 326

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 329

My attention was caught by a Filipina attending to a Chinese traveler. The world is made a better place by Filipinos who are dedicated to their jobs. When we are abroad we are efficient, respectful, competent, dedicated.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 333

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 334

I don’t like toilet doors that are fully enclosed. In case of emergency, no one could hear me and help me.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 336

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 337

My seat
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 338

When my kids were little, every time I traveled to a foreign country I brought with me their lampin. Akap-akap ko during the flights and I placed the lampin beside me on the hotel bed. Sometimes I brought their tiny clothes. I also brought their baby photos. I have stopped doing that because that would be weird. My children are now adults and funny if I would bring their underwear when I travel.
A few days before my flight, I received an envelope with photos of my son’s graduation. It’s here with me. This photo means a lot to my family. This represents baby steps to a new beginning for Nyke.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 339

I also brought home our family photo from Disneyland.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 340

My hand carry luggage was heavy because of my laptop.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 341

My husband didn’t like the daytime departure of CX because he wasn’t able to sleep well daw because it was still araw outside although the windows were closed. Maybe it was psychological because he knew it was still bright outside.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 342

I went to sleep as soon as the plane took-off. I didn’t eat lunch anymore because I was still full from eating at the lounge.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 345

The one pushing the cheese cart was a Filipina flight attendant. When I took a photo of the cart, she asked “Do you have a blog?” She volunteered to take the photo of the food cart herself. She told me she likes reading blogs. When I told her the name of my blog is Oh My Buhay, she said “talaga ha Oh my buhay, pero you travel and ……..”.
Maybe Oh my buhay sounded pathetic to her kaya that was her opinion.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 349

A Chinese stewardess asked me if I wanted any of these desserts, I made kirong, and I said thank you.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 350

After sleeping for 4 hours, I woke up and watched a movie. I got hungry and the flight attendant served me hot wanton noodles soup.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 352

I finished two movies and still it was a long way to go.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 357

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 356

I got hungry again, ang takaw ko. They served me cheese burger naman this time. It was good. After an hour I asked for snacks again. I got some chips and caramel popcorn.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 355

I watched another movie, I think two more.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 359

The pilots were so quiet. They only spoke to the passengers before taking off and none was heard from them since. When the plane was shaking, no one tried to explain why, like “hello guys, this is your captain speaking, we’re flying over the sea of Japan and this bumps are normal over here”. I took Bonamine, my refuge in times of nervousness and ano pa ang nangyari, I fell asleep while the plane was shaking, hindi naman sobra ang uga pero talagang nerbyosa lang ako.

We were served breakfast, two hours before landing. But actually dapat dinner.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 358

I made the mistake of choosing salmon. I didn’t like it.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 360

I said goodbye to cheesecake.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 361

It was a good flight. The weather was fine although there were a few bumps which made me nervous. “Oh Lord I don’t want to die yet, I want to attend my daughter’s wedding if/when she gets married, my son still needs me,…..and so on.” Sa nerbyos ko ang dami kong natawag na santo at ang dami kong nadasal in just two seconds, call that speed praying.

Cathay Pacific’s service has always been good and my recent flight experience included. The flight attendants were courteous and attentive. The seats were comfortable and spacious. Food was good and there was a wide selection of western movies.

Arrived in HK on February 10 feeling so inip, sleepy, relieved and eager to go home. One and a half hours till my next flight.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 369

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