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January 25, 2017

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I came early for the Chippendales show to allot extra time to claim my ticket from the box office. Eh yun naman pa lang box office was just inside the Chippendales boutique attached to the venue.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 133

This is more for bachelorette parties or 50th birthday parties.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 134

Novelty items for fun’s sake
Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 138

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 139

Parang hindi naman ako makakainom dito sa water jug na ito.  Baka masamid ako.
Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 137

Sobrang eskandaloso ang mga pangalan.  Flavored sucker nay ko.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 140

Hanging hotdog shooter with pearl necklace.  Parang pang matrona naman ito.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 141

My parents were ones one of the major suppliers of ice candy in Rizal some 45 years ago.  Ano kaya,  what if I revive our ice candy factory?  I will have none of the traditional flavors of munggo, langka, ube and buko.  Eto na lang,   margarita, single malt, double scotch.  Instead na haba at tulis lang ang korte,  eto na i-shape natin parang itlog at hot dog.  Dyos ko,  patawarin po ninyo ako.

Tila malaswa baka hindi payagan na magbenta sa mga schools.  For adults lang. Pero what a great potential,  I will certainly become rich.  Imagine ang daming bibili na mga babae at binabae.    The good thing about the food business is that customers can buy and eat it too, several times a day.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 142

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 143

Ladies stop using electrical tape, masking tape or balikbayan box packaging tape to cover your nipples. Baka matuknap ang balat nyo. Baka pag-alis ng tape eh kasama matanggal nipples nyo. Buy something cute like this.
Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 146

I know what to give my husband on Valentines day. Baka sobra syang ma-pressure huwag na nga.
Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 144

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