Chippendales Funk Up – Rated RRR10:11 PM Wednesday January 31, 2018 |

My most favorite part of the Chippendales show was when they all danced to the music of Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Me Up looking very decent while fully covered with shirts and pants.
After the Funk Me Up song, they continued dancing albeit slower. And here it comes, they slowly took off their clothes one by one.
1. Unbotton the uppermost butones, Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh screams from the crowd.
2. next butones ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh

That was the second butones palang tila malalagutan na ng hininga yung ibang mg babae. The excitement heated up as the guys opened their buttons lower and lower down to the butones of the pants. AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH.’Butones pa lang yan ha. Pusod pa lang ang kita. Yaaaaaaa Yaaaaaa.

Eto na, the Chippendale super hunks unzipped their pants to the cue. Yahhhhhhhh Yahhhhhh Yahhhhh. The women not only screamed. Many were stomping their feet on the floor, clapping and shaking their heads left and right, Yung iba parang malapit ng mabaliw. Zipper lang yun ha.

The men took off their polo shirts revealing their well chiseled body, a product of serious body building exercises, spending days and nights at the gym, and maybe eating the right food— saging? Di ba men who frequent the gym bring saging to boost their energy?

By this time, the men were already topless and the audience was deliriously anticipating what comes next. The guys unzipped their pants, whoook, ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh.
The guys smiled obviously pleased with the effect of their machoness among women.

Tapos they lowered their pants down to the puson, kita yung gilid nung singit nila. at syempre yung birdie nila itinulak nila pababa para hindi masilip.
Yahhhhhhh Yahhhhhhh. Walang kapaguran pag tili yung audience. Ako hinde, hindi ako natitili dun sa mga lalaki na nakababa yung pants hanggang puson. Wah epek yan sa akin.

Hinubo na yung pants hanggang tuhod, inalis na. Natira na lang briefs.
Imagine what it was like. Extremely good-looking men, with biceps as wide as the ocean with abs like waves, naka briefs lang in front of you? Na imagine mo na? Ano’ng feeling? It felt like I was watching a body building contest!

I thought the bigger a man’s body, the bigger is his ano also. Looking at these men, I think it doesn’t follow. Kasi I noticed that their pututoys are not big. I didn’t actually see them because they were wearing briefs but I could tell from the bakat kasi manipis lang yun salawal nila. Lalo na when all of them were wearing yellow silk briefs. Hindi naman parang hard-boiled eggs, Scrambled eggs.

OOOpppS, hinila yung briefs sa gilid, akmang huhubuin. Tinatakam yung audience. Sigawan na naman. Aba, hinubo nga!
Nakatalikod naman. Kanina pa puro pwet na lang nila ang nakikita ko. Iba naman, boring na yang pwet.

Next scene. A motorcycle appeared on the stage with a macho guy. He danced around the motorcycle, eh alam mo when I say dance, hindi naman yun boogie or chacha, yung dance nila na aalon-alon ang puson at kakadyot-kadyot kunwari. Another naked man appeared, this time he’s inside a claw bath tub with no water. Another naked guy appeared, this time he’s lying on his stomach on a bed. They all acted like they were making love with themselves. Got that? That’s rated RRR again. Hellloo. The scenes were very intense. The women stopped screaming. They suddenly turned silent. Aba mga seryoso or imagining they’re with the guys.
The scenes were very intense. I was feeling hot. I was beginning to sweat and wanted to take off two layers of clothing. Kasi ba naman ang dami kong thermal na suot. Malamig kasi sa labas, dito sa loob hindi naman. Kaya malapit na akong pawisan not from the hotness of the scenes, but because I was literally and figuratively heavily dressed.

I wanted to go to the toilet to remove some of my clothing but I didn’t want to turn the attention on me. Imagine in the middle of the climax scene, I stood up to leave? I was uneasy watching those three guys acting like they were making love. It was a little scandalous for me especially the guy who was effing the motorcycle.
Siguro for younger people pwede pa, ako medyo I was getting annoyed. Nako-kornihan na ako.
You know already how the finale of those scenes ended. Happy ending.

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