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I was  15 minutes late to the Chippendales show.  I must have missed their opening number.
I took my time trying to finish the french fries at the Smash Burger restaurant just a few steps away from the entrance of the club. I thought they would delay the start because it was not a full night.

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I noticed the bouncer at the entrance sat down and there were no more receptionists so the show must have started already. I dropped the french fries and hurriedly walked to the venue.

A—–“Hi, have they started……..”
Before I could even finish my sentence I heard women screaming. “Ahhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh! Whoooooo! Ehhhhhhhh! Oh my God, they must be seeing something that I am not excited to see.

Instead of feeling the adrenaline rush to run as fast as I could to enter the venue so as not to miss any excitement therein, I walked very slowly and even took two photos of the bar. I was more interested to look at their draperies and chairs.

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 166

Chippendales Jan 22, 2018 167

The bouncer saw me taking photos and based on how slow I was walking, it was obvious to him that I was not there to look at the abs, pwets and the guys’ hmmmps.

Bouncer told me just before he opened the black curtain –“mam, no taking pictures okay?” He said it in a very low voice and respectable manner.

The venue was probably 1/4 or less occupied and the chairs were closer to the stage.   I was a bit worried while I was following the guy.  I didn’t want to sit close to the stage. I wanted to just look and leave in half hour. I was praying he would not sit me on first row.
I felt relieved when he gave me the chair on the last row, no seatmate. Last row was only 4 rows from the stage, which was about 4 meters away.
Close but not close enough.

As I was sitting down, the women were continuously screaming on top of their lungs and I didn’t know yet what they were screaming about. After I sat down, it was only then that I looked towards the stage.   OMB what the ef!


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