Dinner in Benihana @ Fashion Show Mall10:30 PM Wednesday January 31, 2018 |

I was craving for freshly cooked meals and Japanese food. With this, the best place to go is a teppanyaki restaurant. And where else but Benihana.

I didn’t actually look for Benihana it just so happened that I was at the Fashion Show Mall and while looking for a Japanese restaurant I saw their logo.


Benihana Fashion Shaw Mall

Benihana Japanese Teppanyaki

The teppanyaki tables are for big groups and since I was only by myself, I shared a table with a group of 5 guys.
Benihana Teppanyaki table


Their description of how big their shrimps are is colossal which is a bit an exaggeration. We Filipinos are blessed with giant prawns so our standard of colossal is much bigger than theirs.


Instead of the more popular miso soup, we were all served clear mushroom soup.
Benihana soup

The soup was not love at first taste. This was probably a 7 out of 10.
Benihana clear mushroom soup

Actually I wasn’t sure if the food server was Chinese or Japanese. She sounded more Chinese to me.
Benihana dinner

A small serving of good salad.
Benihana salad

My first time to this chain of restaurant was in San Francisco. My bother took some associates and he also brought Edmund and I along.
Benihana chef

Four of my table mates ordered breast chicken instead of steak.
Benihana teppanyaki chef

I got confused if they thought I also ordered chicken because I didn’t see steak on the table.
Benihana teppan chicken breast

The chef only put two whole eggs in a mountain of rice. I was at first skeptical that the fried rice would be lacking in taste because he only put so little ingredients but to my surprise the fried rice was good enough, maybe an 8 over 10.
Benihana fried rice

Benihana dinner in Las Vegas Blvd.

Typical Benihana showmanship
Benihana chef show

The meals came with ice cream. I was the only one who picked vanilla, they guys had either green tea or chocolate.
Benihana dessert ice cream

When I told the Uber driver how much I paid for my one single meal, he said I am not going to eat for the next week because I’ve already consumed all my food budget. Ha ha ha. True.

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