Dinner at Paradise Dynasty11:14 PM Wednesday March 07, 2018 |

February 23, 2018

Instead of getting taller feeling ko I am shrinking.

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Golden spoon and plates
Paradise Dynasty,  plates

E—-“Ganyan dito… gold.”
Paradise Dynasty,  golden tea pot

The restaurant thought of a creative way to help protect customers’ personal belongings by providing a caddie that looks like a magazine rack, but this one has a net cover.
Paradise Dynasty,  handbag caddie

Father and daughter had been here before so they knew more or less what to order.
Paradise Dynasty -  waiter

The chefs or cooking staffs are busy preparing xiao long bao.
Paradise Dynasty,  chefs

It was nice to look at this group of men wearing traditional chef’s hat or toque blanche and double breasted white uniform.
Paradise Dynasty---- xiao long bao preparation

Edmund ordered Double Boiled Chicken Soup.
Paradise Dynasty,  soup

Chinese Broccoli or Kailan, with oyster sauce
Kailan vegetable contains water, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, fiber and small amounts of practically all vitamins including vitamin A, C, E, K, riboflavin, etc.

This is supposed to be Truffle Xiao Long Bao but I didn’t taste the truffle.
My daughter said the flavor is very subtle.
Paradise Dynasty -- truffle xiao long bao

Paradise Dynasty resto -Truffle xiao long bao

Crab roe xiao long bao
Paradyne Dynasty - crab xiao long bao

Paradise Dynasty --- dinner

I was the only one who ordered dessert.
Paradise Dynasty,  dessert

I didn’t realize we ordered a lot.
Paradise Dynasty food bill

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