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When my husband and my daughter asked me where I wanted to spend our Christmas vacation, I had the perfect place in mind— Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth. And of course, they also had the perfect reaction— Disneyland??? Are you sure? Mommy wants to go to Disneyland. Mom you’ll get tired walking. There would be too many people.
Why Disneyland?” My answer “Parang masaya”.


Of course Disneyland. Where else? I thought it would be cool to go back after 20 years. If I remember it correctly, the last time I’ve been to Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California was when my son was aged between 3 and 5. Binubuhat ko pa sya nun.
My son is now 27!!!

My first time in Disneyland was when Oyen was 2. Imagine kung gaano na katagal yun.
I want to go back to Disneyland. Kailan ko pa gagawin yan? Pag-uugud-ugod na ako? Now na while I can still walk and see!!! I want to hear again the …it’s a small world after all. I want to get scared inside the haunted house. I want to marvel at the electrical parade and watch the fireworks every night. I just want to have some magical fun. Best of all I want to reminisce the time when my kids were still little and cute and innocent. Cute pa rin sila ngayon pero hindi na mga inosente.

Some of the things I still remember from our Disney trips are:

Disney World
1. I had severe migraine attack while on the flight to Florida. The plane smelled like Vicks because I kept on plastering my forehead, shoulder, nape with this mentholated cream. Had migraine again while we were there and another migraine attack as soon as we arrived in Disney World. I just stayed inside the restaurant and slept. I didn’t see what was inside the theme park.
2. We had a big hotel room complete with a corner for Nyke. There was a double deck with cartoon character paintings and decors.
3. We rented a car from the airport and explored some of the residential areas. We made usyoso two model homes. All of the homes had a covered backyard with swimming pool fully enclosed with screen.

1. We were inside the women’s toilet, Nyke was also waiting in line. An old white woman noticed him and let him go first. She called Nyke baby. He yelled at her “I am no longer a baby! I am a big boy now!”.
2. We were queuing up for pizza and drinks. Nyke saw a table, he sat on one of the chairs. There were drinks left behind by those who occupied the table. Oyen, Edmund and I were horrified when we saw him drinking from the straw. The three of us yelled at him. NYYKKKEEEEEE!!!
He was so innocent. He just sat there and thought those drinks were for us.
To this day, every time I think of that moment, I still quiver at the thought that he drank something dirty.


  1. When I was 14, my sister was asked if where she want to spend her debut.. a. Boracay with cousins all expense paid by our parents b. Out of the country with mommy, daddy and me only c. A debut party d. A car
    She answered B. and she wants to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, and so we did. And now after years of that experience, mom wanted to go back hahaha it seems like she secretly enjoyed it. This coming November my mom together with her siblings will go to Disneyland 🙂 2nd time niya na hahaha she paid for their trip sabi niya.. “nung bata kami sa COD (mall christmas display) lang masaya na kami, ngayong may ipon na dalhin ko naman sana mga kapatid ko sa Disneyland” with tears on her face 🙁 how sweet it is! (Okay lang kahit di kami kasama, bonding na po muna nilang magkakapatid) hay.. There will always be a kid inside everyone’s heart 🙂 I can’t be KJ for my mom sympre nagkakaedad na pagkakait pa ba ang happiness 🙂 so I bought her mickey mouse headband last week para pag punta niya dun, young at heart padin 🙂 have a happy holidays Boss ACTY and family 🙂

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