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When Oyen asked her dad where he wanted to eat, he said “ay kayo na ang pumili”. When my husband says that, our experience tells us he doesn’t mean he is giving us absolute authority to choose what and where we want. He means we can choose from among his favorite restaurants and of course dapat malapit lang kaya out na ang Makati and Global City areas. The choices are limited: Cyma, Haru, Cyma, Haru, saan pa ba… Cyma, Haru. Gino pizza, Gloria Maris, Cyma, Haru. Ang daming choices. Last week the two of them went to Haru so this week dapat sa iba naman. Cyma.
His favorite is the grilled pompano and tahong. Since he could finish one whole fish, I ordered another one for myself and if I couldn’t finish it, I could share it with Oyen or Edmund.

double fish at Cyma

Cyma Grilled pompano

Their steamed mussels are no longer as good as before. Pakonti rin ng pakonti ang quantity.
Cyma steamed mussels

Offer him cakes he would say no. How about yogurt? He says yes.
Red ribbon dessert, after dinner

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