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Holy Thursday, March 29, 2018

I changed our white table cloth with blue flowerettes to one with big yellow sunflowers. This table cloth was bought by Edmund in Vietnam maybe three years ago when he joined the Shik group’s golf tour.

Sunflowers, table cloth

It’s about time we use it. I was afraid the sunflowers might be too baduduys but it turned out hindi naman pala.

Sunflower table cloth

I didn’t have Easter decors so I just placed a metal chicken in the middle of the table.
chicken on the table

I bought this tiny Easter chicks in Edinburgh for .99 Euro.

Easter Chicks

It’s so adorable!!!
adorable Easter chick

Metal chicken with tiny chicks

chicken decor with tiny Easter chicks

I looked inside our kitchen drawers for dinner plates that would match the chickens. I saw a supot and didn’t know what was inside.
Kerachers crockery and gifts

I remembered what my husband used to tell me “paghindi mo nakikita, malilimutan mo”. “Pagnakatago, madaling mawala”.
So I opened the supot to see what was inside. It was obvious that they were plates because of the shape and weight but I have totally forgotten what kind. To my surprise… a chicken!
Keracher plate

Oh so cute but there were only 4 pieces of plates. I needed at least 5, for Edmund, Oyen, Bong, Len, and yours truly.
Keracher plate with chicken design

We harvested some organic bananas and their vibrant yellow color matched the yellow sunflowers and the Easter chicks.
Easter table with bananas

I used to decorate our kitchen island and dining table with fresh flowers but it’s been a while that I haven’t done that. Naiinis kasi ako sa traffic. Just to go to Farmer’s Market, ay nakakatamad because of the heavy traffic in EDSA and Katipunan as well.

Zero expense Easter decor, medyo baduy but pwede na, cute rin. Dapat pala merong eggs, Easter eggs. Hayan na yung eggs, nag hatch na.
Metal Chicken, chicks, bananas

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