Extended Irritation09:00 AM Saturday April 07, 2018 |

I am in a period of extended irritation.

There are things that irritate me but they go away in seconds. After some deep breathing the feeling of irritation dissipate fast. There are things that hurt me so bad that it takes hours, days, weeks to forget but I still manage to shrug them off. But there are things that hit a sensitive nerve and the irritation goes on an extended vacation in my consciousness that no amount of deep-breathing makes it go away. And the more I try to curtail the negative emotion the more it lingers and goes on a prolonged mode.


    1. Thank you Del for the suggestion. Ginawa ko na kagabi.
      Nag shopping na ako ng dalawang tsinelas pero inis pa rin ako.

  1. I’ve been there. This is one ritual that worked for me. I wrote a detailed letter to the person causing my grief outlining all my hinanakit. Pour out all your emotions as part of the venting process. Sometimes the hardest part is acknowledging the hurt. Fold the letter, put in an envelope, but don’t send it or mail it. You may keep it a few days but when you’re ready, burn the letter with the intention of releasing its power over you. Burning is symbolic of your power to prevail over whatever negative feelings are in that letter. I’ve thought of that letter over the years; can’t even remember what was in it. The passage of time has diminished its importance. I have clearly moved on.

  2. Hi Tessang,

    Thanks so much for your suggestion. I think I’ve done something like that once or twice in the long gone past. I wrote down my feelings in a notebook , but I haven’t tried the burning process. When I write my feelings down, it brings back the moment that it happened. The more my emotions get perked up.

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