Facetime with Twinkle09:49 PM Saturday February 03, 2018 |

Sometimes I hate my cellphone because I spend so much time always trying to locate it. There are times I want to live without a cellphone. The other morning I appreciated this new technology. I was able to see and talk to Twinkle. She’s there I am here in real time thru Facetime.

Oyen placed her cellphone in front of Twinkle so she could see my face. Every time I said hi Twinkle, Twinkle, she wagged her tail. That’s so touching.

Facetime with Twinkle

Oyen was ready to leave for the office but she couldn’t because of Twinkle. She was always following Oyen around and wanted to be beside her.

Facetime with Twinkle,  Feb 2, 2018

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