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February 10, 2018 Saturday

I was afraid to miss my flight from HK to Manila with less than two hours stop-over in HK so I immediately looked for the gate after we disembarked.
I didn’t know there are over 500 gates in HK. What a humongous airport.
CX HK to Manila , airport

There was a Filipina ground crew at the gate but she was on her cellphone having a conversation with a kababayan. I interrupted their chat to verify that was the gate to Manila. There’s a lounge not far away so with 1 1/2 hours left, I went to the CX lounge to freshen up and have a drink.

I was so thirsty. I gulped one small glass of fresh guava juice. It was delicious.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 370,  juices

I ate again.
CX HK lounge, Feb 10, 2018

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 373

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 374

Time to board
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 377

Ate again
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 380

Finally, after almost a day of traveling….
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 381

NAIA 3. The best airports are in Manila…. because this is home!
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 382

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 383

sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 384

The morning after, looking extremely tired and jet-lagged. Welcome home.
sfo mnl cx Feb 2018 385


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