Flight to London via Norwegian Airlines11:38 PM Tuesday April 03, 2018 |

March 19, 2018

Oyen arranged for a shuttle to bring us to the airport.

Fly the Nordic way

We have some Global Blue tax free forms
but this small airport didn’t have customs.
iphone photos double upload london 1090

We were led to a hallway where the customs police office was located but that was not what we needed. We were looking for customs office to process our tax refund.
Moskiitos souvenirs, Rovaniemi airport

The airport lounge on the second floor looked like Ikea because of the Scandinavian theme.
Rovaniemi airport,  tables and chairs

For smaller planes or shorter routes, better to board with full stomach.
A small bottled water at the airport was too expensive at almost 4 Euro or roughly 260 pesos.
Rovaniemi airport lounge

Their words are too long. Translation: make the most of the most popular skiing destinations in Finland.
Finnish ,  long words

It was considerably warmer on the day we left.
temperature on March 19, 2018

I used to buy a magazine or two before boarding so I would have something to read during the flight, but I stopped doing that beginning in 2016 because of my failing eyesight.
Finnish magazines

I wanted to buy the tin can only but it came with three tiny bottles of moisturizer. I made sure muna na that it was not made in China.
made in Finland moisturizer

I was happy with my little purchase.
Bought moisturizers in Finland

I wanted to buy something again at the Rovaniemi Cafe but the line was long. We were boarding soon.
Rovaniemi cafe

Their passenger benches are unique and sleek.
bended wooden chairs,  Rovaniemi airport

Boarding time
Boarding time, Rovaniemi airport

The woman was scratching her husband’s butt. How did I know they were married? Men would not let their girlfriends scratch their itchy pwet.

Nagmamdali siguro hindi na nakapag-wash.
scratching husband's but

The flight was full. The three of us were seated together and I was beside the window. My tooth, gums and right jaw were still painful but manageable. I was feeling claustrophobic and warm because of my layers. There was no room to move arms and legs. Ang sikip and the plane was small. It was a 3 1/2 hour flight to London and it felt longer because I was not comfortable.

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