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March 21, 2018

We were lucky we got a table at the Parisian native restaurant called FRENCHIE even if Oyen only booked online half hour before we arrived at the restaurant. I heard reservations could be as long as a month. At their main in Paris, people wait for 3 months to get to dine there. To have people waiting for months just to get a table must be a restaurateur’s dream.

Frenchie Covent Garden is rated 4.5 over 5 on TripAdvisor and is ranked #246 out of 24,015 restaurants in London.

Frenchie cook book

Frenchie London bar

Frenchie Covent Garden,  dining tables

Frenchie starter menu

The birthday girl
Frenchie,  birthday girl

We were given a table on the lower ground floor, where the open kitchen is.
Frenchie Covent Gardne,  lower floor

Frenchie March 21, 2018

My back was against the kitchen’s counter.
Frenchie open kitchen

We picked the three course set menu. I ordered duck foie gras for my starter dish and this cost an additional 6 British pounds.
Frenchie,  duck foie gras

Neal’s yard goat’s curd
Frenchie,  Neal's yard goat's curd

Frenchie,  birthday lunch

Main course of Oyen, pan seared gnocchi

Frenchie,  pan-seared gnocchi

Frenchie,  pan seared gnocchi
It was interesting to watch the kitchen team spring into action every time a new order comes. The head chef is like the orchestra conductor directing his team.
Frenchie chef

Another chef came and quickly changed into his uniform and wore his apron. The two chefs beside the counter were the ones doing the plating. They also quality control the food. They were the last to touch the food before they were served to the customers.
Frenchie, head chefs doing the plating

Cornish Hake a la Grenobloise, Lemon and Broccoletti. Why do restaurants make their dish names sound so complicated? Hake is a fish from the Cornish waters which can also be found in Scotland. It has a soft flesh and is most delicious when pan-fried or grilled.

Frenchie,  cornish hake

Lavender creme brulee, rosemary shortbread, candied lavender
Frenchie,  lavender creme brulee
One for all.
lavender creme brulee

Oyen booked a table in another restaurant for her birthday dinner naman. If not for that, baka sobra kaming mabubusog, we would order another lavender creme brulee.

Edmund ordered coffee. They served him a demitasse cup na malapot, tila dagdagan mo ng isang pitsel na kulong tubig, pwede na good for 6 people.
Frenchie demitasse coffee

I have to say that I wasn’t expecting much when we walked into this restaurant. Buntot lang ako sa anak ko. But I was pleasantly entertained and I enjoyed the food, the ambiance, and watching the 10 guys work in the kitchen. Their wash rooms are also very French, meron pang malakas na radyo, pwede kang makinig sa French drama.

As soon as we stood up, a couple occupied our table. By this time all the seats were already occupied and the chefs were busy orchestrating another round of sonata.
Frenchie,  chef plating

Happy eaters
Frenchie Covent Garden  team yee lunch
Thanks anak for bringing me to this restaurant. Thanks Mr. Yee for scratching your Mastercard.

Frenchie Covent Garden
16 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8QH, UK
Phone: +44 20 7836 4422
Opens at 12 noon.

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