Getting ready to reopen11:58 PM Saturday May 16, 2020 |

We are getting ready to finally reopen our doors soon even at 30% to 50% capacity and our employees are also looking forward to going back to work. Kahit pakonti-konti muna sana at least we can start picking up the pieces.

The local governments have issued a long list of requirements before businesses can reopen in their respective municipality or city. Each city has their own way of doing things, some make it easy for the businesses while some make it harder for companies to recover. More than ever, private companies, tiny, medium, big, large, need the government’s support to survive massive losses in income and jobs.

The challenges are daunting. There are days when we just shrug our shoulders off and say ahhh. There are days when the difficulties hit us harder and all we could do is magbuntunghininga. There are moments when the challenges of doing business seem insurmountable. It’s difficult enough during normal times, what more now. It is what it is. This is what this is.

In You Lord we take refuge. Teach and guide us. Give us strength. You are our rock and salvation.

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