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Twinkle’s 16 year old US born and raised father, Lucky, died Friday night of cancer.

Len and Bong came home at 7 pm and found Lucky knocking on the sliding glass door. They let him in. Len tried to feed him his favorite food but he didn’t want to open his mouth. He also didn’t want to drink water.

Len felt worried because the vet said when Lucky stopped eating, that would be the signal that he’s dying. Actually the vet advised them to put him to sleep except that Len’s daughters didn’t want to.


Len bathed Lucky hoping to make him feel better and cuddled him for a while to make him feel loved.

She put him down on his bed in the family room at 8 pm and told Bong to keep an eye on him. Bong went up to their bedroom at 8:30 pm.
They heard Lucky barking at 9 pm and thought okay pa sya kasi kumakahol pa.
Len went down to the kitchen a little before 10 pm to prepare food for Lucky.
When she checked on him, he was already gone. His last bark was his way of calling Len but she didn’t go down right away thinking that Lucky was okay.

Lucky,  Twinkle's dad

Goodbye Lucky

It’s so heart-breaking to lose a beloved dog. I don’t want to think that one day the same thing would happen to Twinkle. The mere thought makes me shed tears already. The only consolation that I have is when she dies, she will go to heaven too. She’ll be with our dogs Hershey, Simba, Lilo, Lincoln, Jazzy, and with her father Lucky.


  1. My mother refused to have dogs already because of this. Naka 3 aso kami, it is so heartbreaking when they pass away.
    Thinking of them now masakit pa rin, kaya after our last dog ayaw na talaga ng nanay mag alaga ulit 🙁

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