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March 12, 2018 Monday, London

The shuttle guy Oyen hired to pick us up from Heathrow was late by a few minutes. But actually we were the one who arrived late because the flight from Manila was delayed by an hour.
UK, shuttle service

Chian Callaghan and her cousin Sharon Escudero from Davao are joining us for the arctic circle tour. Chian left Manila a couple of days ago via Qatar Airways.
UK, Tromso  march 12, 2018 364

Since we’re flying again the next morning, Oyen booked a room at the Hilton Hotel right beside the Gatwick International Airport so we could just drag our luggage over to the airport without having to take another ride.

HIlton Hotel London Gatwick,  lobby

HIlton Hotel  lobby

My daughter was the one who arranged for everything. She bought our tickets on line. She found the travel agent based in London. She booked for our one night stay here at Hilton Hotel wherein she’s a member.
Hilton Honors check in

Our room was small but comfortable enough for the three of us. Oyen’s bed was bigger than a twin, while Edmund and I’s bed was a queen.
Hilton Hotel London Gatwick,  room 729

I had no sleep for more than 22 hours. When we reached our room, all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. Edmund went out to find Starbucks and get some drinking water for the three of us. I watched tv while eating dried mango. As soon as Edmund came back, I drank water and slept. The bed was so comfortable. I had a good night sleep.

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