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March 23, Friday night —- arrival from London
March 24, Saturday——— we attended the anticipated mass at 6 pm.

Christ the King altar,  March 24, 2018

Palaspas P20 each

Palaspas  P20 each

Palaspas  March 24, 2018

I hope all priests are worthy of our respect and trust. Imagine kung merong maniakis na pari tapos nag-mano pa ako sa kanya, hinawakan ko pa kamay nya, nay ko, ang sarap hampasin ng palaspas ang pagmumukha. I may sound disrespectful but It makes my blood boil whenever I hear of priests who molest boys and / or girls.
Priest blesses parishioners

Dinner in Greenhills after the mass

Ramen dinner March 24, 2018

Family dinner in Greenhills, March 24, 2018

March 25, Sunday morning, father and daughter flew to Bangkok for the launching of Ford’s pick-up truck and to get a glimpse of the Bangkok Motor Show. They asked me to join them but I declined because Holy Week is more important to me. Although they were back on Holy Tuesday, I had many things to do in preparation for my yearly panata in Binangonan.

Apparently the business class seats from Manila to Bangkok were overbooked. PAL offered my daughter to seat in the economy section in exchange for a round trip business class tickets to Bangkok or equivalent destination. She agreed. On her flight back to Manila on March 27 she used her original business class ticket. She now holds a round trip ticket to any Asian country (HK, Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia) on business class.

March 26, 2018 Monday
I had the guest room on the second floor readied for my sister’s arrival.

March 27, 2018 Tuesday

The white towels were delivered to Ford Cainta by the printer.
There were some printing rejects. Can’t be avoided due to the time limitation and the volume.
holy wed march 2018 006   white towel

Tuesday afternoon,

Twenty pieces of green t-shirts were delivered to Ford Cainta. I will give this to the guys who would help push St. John the Evangelist’s carossa. 10 for Myerkoles Santo and ten for Byernes Santo.
holy wed march 2018 029 green t-shirts

Poor quality prints. Next year I will order digital prints.
St. John t-shirt

I cooked pasta for my daughter. She and Edmund were arriving from Bangkok and I wanted to have some ready meal in case she comes home hungry.

I cook with no recipe. Puro imbento lang. Uwido.
holy wed march 2018 009 pasta ingredients

holy wed march 2018 007 pasta

Does not look appetizing but believe me, masarap lumabas, tsamba.
holy wed march 2018 008 pasta

We haven’t bought a new oven so I just microwaved it to melt the mozzarella cheese on top and to cook the sliced bell peppers.
baked pasta, microwave

Ewan if I would still be able to repeat this. It came out delicious.
delicious pasta

Tuesday night—- Edmund and Oyen arrived with eight trays of sticky rice and mango. Eto talagang super delicious.
trays of sticky rice with mangoes
I will never get tired of eating sticky rice and mango every day.
sticky rice with mango,  March 27, 2018

March 28, Wednesday

It’s been a year at least that the second floor guest room hasn’t been used. It has no more television because I donated it to a church.

I hurriedly went to Anson’s infront of Podium to buy a tv. My sister likes to watch teleserye so I wanted to make sure the room is ready for her viewing pleasure.

I don’t like to buy in installment kasi look at the price difference. Sayang ang pera.
tv prices,  Anson's

They gave me additional discount.

Tv for guest room

DeVant tv

Rushed cable installation
cable installation,  March 28, 2018
Our whole house needs major renovation including this guest room. The maids just taped the wall papers with masking tape to keep them from dangling.
guest room, March 29, 2018

New tv is ready, photo finish.
new tv is ready

March 29 Holy Thursday

My guests have arrived. Welcome food– puto bumbong from Mary The Queen Church.
Len and Bong,  March 29, 2018


  1. Hello Ms. Annie!

    I always look forward to your blog posts about your panata in Binangonan.

    Ms. Julienne is so humble to accept a minor inconvenience…and look at her reward, free roundtrip business class tickets!

    And welcome home to your sister and brother-in-law!

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