Household Christmas Party09:30 PM Monday December 17, 2018 |

December 15, 2018

Despite her busyness, my daughter still managed to prepare for the annual household staff Christmas party.

She couldn’t skip this year because they were all excited and looking forward to this event.  Even if she was very tired,  she just had to make them happy, and she sure did.

Newspaper dance is a classic game

I gave him one big plastic bag full of long sleeves polo shirts, Zara, Calvin Klein, etc. which got from my son’s cabinet. Naluma na hindi naman naisusuot. I also included some clothes for his wife. Meron daw nagsabi sa kanya na malas daw pag ang mga damit na naisuot na ay ibinebenta sa ukay-ukay o sa garage sale. I told him that’s not true. Hindi tutuo yan.

Norma was the only one who guessed it right. Jollibee!

Jocelyn our lavandera

Merong absentees.

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