I had a dream09:34 PM Monday April 16, 2018 |

I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream. It was not really a bad dream or a nightmare. It just made me think. I fell asleep again and the dream continued.

I was 30 years old in my dream, married to a guy my age. He was an artist, musician and working at a medium-sized company as a website developer and graphics designer. See how detailed my dream was?

I could still remember how he looked like in my dream but his face didn’t look like someone that I know in real life.

Mukhang maamo ang mukha nya, rounded and he has medium skin tone. He also was not very tall.

My husband was nice to me but I was a very unhappy wife. I didn’t feel I loved him deeply. Marrying him was a halfhearted decision. One gloomy afternoon, I told him I wanted to call it quits. He looked at me confused. I repeated what I said. I said I was not happy and I wanted my freedom back.

The next scene was we were in a dark room but I could still see his face. He was seated against a wall and on the verge of crying, he told me he didn’t want to lose his family for the second time. Me, his wife was surprised with what I heard. Second time? Was he married before? He said he got a girl pregnant and she abandoned the baby so he took care of him. His mom helped him care for the baby. He was struggling and had to work. One day his cousin called to say that the baby was sick and needed medical care. My husband (in my dream) said he couldn’t leave his office because his boss might fire him. He had incurred many absences in the past and he already got several warnings. He didn’t want to lose his job so he waited till 5 pm before he left the office. His cousin called again to say that his son didn’t make it. The baby had died.

That was a very sad dream. I was thinking where did that story come from? I didn’t watch a movie or tv the night before. And who was that guy. I still very well remember his face and maybe for the next few days I would still remember him. But two weeks from know his image could disappear from my memory.

I felt relieved it was only a dream.

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