I Slept for 36 hours straight12:34 PM Monday April 16, 2018 |

I was agitated, incredibly upset, restless and frustrated last Saturday night. I thought it would be best to just sleep sleep and sleep till I feel relaxed and better. So that’s what I did. After I calmed down a bit, I went to bed on Saturday night and woke up this morning at 7 am. I actually planned on sleeping for three straight days and nights thinking maybe I would feel refreshed when I wake up. But I remembered I have things to do so I got out of bed and got dressed.

I slept thru Saturday night and the whole of Sunday without drinking a drop of water and eating a tiny particle of food. My stomach was so upset that I didn’t feel hungry at all. The only positive side of that is I lost 2 pounds.

My husband came into the room a few times to wake me up and to ask me to get out of bed to eat. But I just chose to stay in bed. I needed to relax and I thought sleeping through my emotions would help. Yes it did, only while I was asleep. But the minute I opened my eyes, my chest started pounding again and I began to feel the surge of emotions.
Do you think what I am going thru is old-life crisis?
I say it’s not. It’s repressed emotions.


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