The impact of new taxes in our lives09:58 AM Saturday March 10, 2018 |

I knew it already. When the government lowered the personal income taxes of individuals, alam ko na na walang kapupuntahan yan. I am seeing it already. Instead of being happy, consumers are complaining of price increases on basic commodities and services. Yung dapat natipid sa tax, mapupunta lang sa pagmahal ng bilihin. My driver is complaining that his favorite drink is now P19 from P12. I told him to just drink filtered water from our kitchen.

We should not listen to campaign promises of election candidates. They say things that are provided to them by their election strategists. When they get elected, they are also fed with information that they think would earn merit. They will not impose new taxes daw. Daw!!!!

The government officials and politicians who slapped the whole nation with excise taxes maybe don’t operate their own businesses. They have no employees to pay every 15th and 30th. Maybe they do, but the money do not come from their own toil. They have department budgets enough to cover for their salaries, electricity, perks. Galing din yan sa kita ng mamamayan. They don’t worry about not having enough to pay for rent and mortgage. If things get worst, they would just leave their post and we ordinary Filipino citizens would be left behind trying to paddle to shore or hang on to some floaters to keep our heads above water so we don’t drown.

Long after these government officials have left their posts, we Filipinos would still be struggling to weather the havoc these officials left behind. If and when we managed to survive thru sheer hard work and determination, here comes another group of newbies in government who would think of making a mark to improve our lives, and instead, will create another pasakit sa buhay natin. And the cycle continues.

There is no economic stability in this country. Doing business is like a see-saw. The government is supposed to lay the foundation for long term economic stability and progress but instead they shake the foundations businesses have painstakingly established thru decades of sweat.

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