Life’s Pain and Surprises08:34 AM Tuesday June 12, 2018 |

There are many things that happen in our lives that we are not ready for. Some are big and small happy surprises and others are big and small let downs. We can never be prepared for anything and everything that come into our lives. Of course how we wish that everything that come our way is beautiful and good because it’s more difficult when it’s a big challenge and not a surprise. We just have to inhale, exhale, embrace it, be strong and hang on.

It’s easier said than done of course.

Recently,  two global personalities took their own lives.  Both extremely successful,  we would wonder what made this two,  Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, give up their fights.   We all thought they have enviable lives and yet we didn’t know the pain deep within that engulfed their sense of living.   Thousands of women carry Kate Spade’s name around their arms,  one would think her brand’s success would be enough to cheer her up and be proud of her accomplishments and yet one day she just gave up what others thought was a sweet and beautiful life.

Despite Tony Bourdain’s accolades,  he felt alone. The millions of viewers and admirers of CNN’s Parts Unknown,  including yours truly,  were not enough to make him feel loved.    Despite the hundreds of new friends he collected during filming and exploring unknown worlds,  he wasn’t happy.  There was one scene where he was having a sumptuous breakfast in a quaint setting somewhere in Europe,  he casually said he had no one to share that moment with.  He was alone and lonely.

Inner turmoils affect a person psychologically, emotionally and could also be physically.   Life could be tough.  It is tough.  There is a constant bombardment of anxiety and or stress while we are living.   It doesn’t spare the rich, the beautiful and the popular.

You’ll never know what anybody is feeling,  what’s going through a person’s head.  The emotional pain could be greater than their will to fight.

We don’t judge people by what we see from the outside.  Let’s not be quick to criticize and give negative opinions about the lives of other people.  Let us be more sensitive  because we don’t know what’s going on inside their hearts and minds.  We should have bigger hearts and understanding of people.  Their pain could hit us too or our loved ones.  We’ll never know.

Let’s try our best to be consciously good and kind all the time.






  1. Good morning, Ms Annie ❤️ Glad to see u blogging again… ❤️

    It doesn’t make us LESS of a person if we CHOOSE to BE KIND And COMPASSIONATE.. ❤️

    You are right when u always advise us to CHOOSE TO BE KIND and DO GOOD… ❤️

    Enjoy the day and have a good one… God bless u and the family ❤️

  2. I missed your posts…glad to see you are back. Im also deeply affected by their deaths, saddened too that they felt so alone inspite of everything they have achieved.

  3. Marami talaga ang mga surprises sa ating buhay.
    True happiness and contentment in life can’t be equated with success nor be quantified by material things that one possessed.

    Living nowadays in the so-called age of the “millenials” is a lot more complex inspite of the advanced technologies that answers to academic and technical problems that are readily available on a touch of a keyboard.

    One that elude the “artificial intelligence” are the right answers to human existence and “life’s mystery”.

    It will remain a mystery as long as an individual will not discover nor seek a deeper understanding of the “ GREAT BOOK” and be consumed and poisoned by their professional and material success; thereby, living a void deep in their inner self, unable to discern of what and why they exist.

    Not being judgmental though; each one of us has skeletons kept secretly in our life’s closet but humbly laying it out and opening it to “HIM” at day’s end, one can be relieve of the burden and surely be guided by the “ONE” who is in fact the “AUTHOR OF LIFE”, to preserve that precious life “HE” had gifted.

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