My Lower Back is Starting to Hurt11:01 PM Saturday March 10, 2018 |

Edmund is the one who complains of lower back pains every now and then and not me. But lately, after two hours and 45 minutes of sitting in the traffic, I started feeling pains in my lower back and hips. Hala, siguro naipit ang ugat sa pag-upo ng matagal.

I thought I would beat the EDSA heavy traffic by leaving at 3 pm. Hindi pala.
EDSA heavy traffic at 3 pm

Dapat yung mahahaba ang buhok, talian nyo buhok nyo pag nasa byahe kayo. Puro alikabok lang ang mahahagip ng buhok nyo at baka sumabit at mahila pa ay maaksidente ang anit nyo.

jeepney passengers,  long hair

Although we Metro Manilans have no choice but to adapt and accept our way of life wasting several hours a day uselessly sitting in heavy traffic, I still wish that our situations would improve soonest. I wish we can think of long term solutions for this mess.

I feel for the thousands of commuters who take public transportation. Eh ako nga comfortable ang kotse pero nabubwisit pa rin ako, lalo na yung nakapila sa MRT, jeeps, etc. I feel sad when I see long lines of people at MRT stations. Yun iba sa tabi ng kalye nakatayo. Our people do not deserve this kind of life.
Ubos na ang pasensya natin sa mga officials na inefficient and kulang sa brain cells. Years of incompetence of those appointed to manage the MRT have brought our people nothing but malaise and inis.

Parang gusto kong lumipat sa probinsya like Bacolod but my husband said it’s also traffic there. He was there last week for 7 days.

heavy traffic,  Pasig


  1. Haha..traffic is really starting in Bacolod because of the infrastructures..but there’ s an alternate route from the south / north roads to avoid it..I go home everyyear with my mom who is 92 years old to visit relatives and friends..

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