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Our roof deck was transformed into a romantic garden complete with gazebo. The lovely flowers and lights made the place look magical.

Love letters from mom’s heart.

We had an all French menu, including this Trou Normand

The bride, the groom, and our favorite guests.

Our main course- Tenderloin Steak with Bearnaise and Wild Mushroom sauce with light puffr pastry triangles stuffed with buttered spinach.

The pyrotechnics technician messaged me at 9:15 pm, he said “Mam, 15 minutes na lang po”.
I looked at my watch, it’s only 9:12 pm. I replied “20 minutes”.
Then at 9:20 he texted me again “Mam, 10 minutes na lang po, intay na lang po kami ng signal nyo”.
At 9:25 he texted “Mam, 5 minutes”.
And at exactly 9:30 pm I messaged him “Go”.

I feel like a little girl every time I am watching fireworks. For me, it’s magical.

I wanted them to light it closer to our house but the admin maintenance guy left at 6 pm and didn’t want to stay over time. The only place they allowed us to use was the park which was some 200 meters away. It would have been outstanding if it were closer to us.

After the fireworks, came our finale main dish- Lobster Tail with Potato Scales in Gratin and Broccoli Cream.

The clouds cooperated, it started to drizzle while we’re having our dessert- Provencal Iced Nougat. This time medyo malalaki na ang ambon.

We didn’t finish our dessert kasi it was about to rain na talaga.

The old couple didn’t dance at their wedding 30 years ago.
Thirty pounds later- here they are. Better late than never!

Ang anak ko itinagilid yung camera.

We invited the musicians, the waiters, and Executive Chef Peter to join us for a souvenir photo. Thank you guys. Well done.

The waiters transferred the heavy table in the hallway because of the rain.
Meron pa kaming slicing of the cake. Para talagang totoong wedding.

Grand weddings with thousands of guests do not make a marriage work. All you need is two people who are committed to make it a memorable life, together.

Our 30th Anniversary Celebration on December 18, 2013 was attended by the most important people that make my life whole. All of us had so much fun. Our dinner party lasted for only 2 hours and yet the memory of this blessed night will stay in our hearts forever.


  1. that was a wonderful celebration ms. annie!!! you’re family is so lucky to have you!!
    cheers to more years of love! happy anniversary again to you and your ‘tart’!

  2. Congratulations Ms Annie!
    No one can beat what you did! it was a perfect celebration, except perhaps for the rain. but call it a shower of more blessings to come!
    Cheers to your family!

  3. Hi Annie,
    Wow! 30th Wedding Anniversary!!
    Ang ganda-ganda lahat! You made everything simple and yet elegant. Ang cute ng cake! 😉 May fireworks pa! So beautiful talaga!
    I can see a Michael Cacnio sculpture – ang ganda!

    Puro “ganda” lahat ang nasabi ko ah, pero maganda talaga! haha!
    Happy Anniversary again!

  4. So worth the effort and expense.
    Congratulations again.
    You have a wonderful family and you made a very wise decision to celebrate an important and meaningful event with the people that matters most to your heart.

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