I missed my flight out of Vegas11:06 PM Tuesday February 06, 2018 |

I thought I was too early for my Virgin America flight out of Vegas so I took my time walking around the airport reading magazines, watching people go by, eating, sipping water slowly.

McCarran departure area

I found a nickel on the floor.
McCarran Airport,  nickel

I found two more on the table.

chicken with lettuce

My lunch, minced chicken with fresh lettuce.
Minced chicken wrapped with lettuce
I felt guilty after eating. I also contribute to dumping garbage on earth. Restaurants must switch to bio-gradable food trays and utensils.
disposable plastic,  additional garbage

Every now and then I looked at my watch to make sure of the time while occasionally glancing at my departure gate.

I decided to take out some Mcnuggets from Burger King but there was a line so I went to the nearby women’s toilet to wash my hands. I heard “calling last passenger ambie ban tee”, is that me? No, that’s not me. I went back to Burger King but there was still a line so I decided to just go to my departure gate. I ran but they closed the gate already. I stood there feeling helpless. I still could see the plane. I waved at the people but I was too late. I ran to the next gate hoping they would help me get on the plane but they said I just had to wait for the next flight which was 1.5 hours away. They couldn’t assure me if there would be vacant seats. I heard the ground crew announcing “calling for volunteers willing to give up their seats…. ” Ibig sabihin the flight was overbooked.

I missed my flight,  Feb 2, 2018

I anxiously waited for half hour till the passengers of this next flight had boarded. My husband called and became worried I might get stranded at the McCarran International Airport. I assured him there were 4 more scheduled flights the rest of the day.
passengers McCarran airport Feb 2, 2018

My boarding pass says “Priority” so I was accommodated next.
I missed my flight,  chance passenger

full flight,  Feb 2, 2018

I was glad I was given a good enough seat. Instead of my original 3A seat, I was given 10B which was ont he exit row so it had extra leg room. I was grateful for any seat basta makalipad ako.

There were free drinks and I asked for water. I was waiting for real food or snacks but none came.
Crystal Geyser Mineral water,  Virgin America

The flight was smooth, even the take-off and landing. I didn’t notice we were already up in the air and I didn’t feel that we’ve landed.

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