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We were supposed to have our Valentines dinner in Podium but nahilo nga ako kaya hindi na kami nakalabas.

We went instead on February 23 after attending the anticipated mass.

Bago na pala Podium.

New Podium Mall

Podium Mall chinese lanterns

The presence of a lot of guards and a sniff dog could be intimidating for foreigners who haven’t been to our country.
Podium Mll,  guard dog

My blood boils when guards still have to touch my bag even if I’ve opened it wide enough for them to look everything that’s inside, even if it had passed thru their scanner. I hate it when they touch my bag while they look at another person. It really irritates me.
I also feel violated when female security guards find the need to touch my body and sometimes even the side of my boobs and my behind even if I’ve already walked thru the full body security scanner. Even if my clothes are so nipis I can’t possibly tuck in some ammunition or knife. My blood surges to my head every time I am subjected to that kind of harassment. The other day I went to the same mall again, and to see if these guards really do their jobs, I covered the contents of my bag with a scarf. I opened my bag in front of the female security guard. She didn’t look naman what’s underneath the scarf.
Podium Mall,  entrance guards

The new Podium Mall is bigger and of course more modern.
New Podium Mall,  Pasig City

new Podium mall

The interior is impressive.
Podium Mall,  escalators

What this mall needs just like the mall in Capitol Commons, just like the extension of Shangrila Mall, just like Ayala the 30th, is shoppers not just eaters. People go to malls to eat in the restaurants inside but they don’t shop.
Podium Mall,  Aigle store

There’s a section called Corner Market for informal dining.
Podium Mall,  Corner Market

I like the concept. It’s a more classy and cool kind of fastfood.
Podium Mall corner Market

I would like to try this Las Flores Restaurant in April.
Podium Mall,  Las Flores Restaurant

There’s a housewares store, Gourdo’s, on the upper floor. We browsed over their cool merchandise. There are lots of items that we need and like but I lately I am not in the mood to shop for anything.
Podium Mall, Gourdo's

Gourdo's housewares store in Podium
Terrarium is popular in urban areas specially condominium or apartment dwellers. One doesn’t need a large garden, only a tiny pot.
Gourdo's Terrarium Bar

I have several nice tea pots at home but never used them. I am too lazy to bring them out and put them back in the cabinets. And since the matching cups and saucers are flimsy, they could easily break.
Gourdo's tea pot

I thought my husband would go inside this golf store but he didn’t. Siguro wala din sa mood mag shopping. When he is in the US kasi, he shops na for his golf gears. Duon kasi meron na syang favorite golf stores.
Podium golf store

Another coffee shop, Cavalry. Daming bagong cafes and restos in Manila. I was telling my husband yesterday that if we eat in one new resto every day, for one whole year, we wouldn’t be able to cover all the restos in Manila, ang dami kasi. I hope all restaurants become successful. I feel sad to see many of them closing.
Podium Mall, Cavalry coffee shop

Very nice naman this Vintage Restore for bags restoration. I have several bags that maybe can still be salvaged. Sige nga I will bring them here.
Vintage bags restoration, Podium Mall

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