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Our hallway is full of kalat. I’ve been trying to organize our photos but have not been successful and efficient so far. What makes it triply hard is I always get stalled. I stop sorting every single time I see a photo that reminds me of something. Mind you these are photos and videos of the past. Syempre puro memories. Eh kanina nga while watching my son’s baptismal video clips I became emotional. My baby was crying and crying and crying. Inis na inis. When I heard his baby cries, para akong nasa nursery ng hospital. Bigla akong napaiyak talaga.
Ewan ba, parang nanariwa yung kapapanganak ko pa lang.

Look at this three photos of my son taken in 1993. He was three years old.
He was trying to write something on the brown envelope.

Nyke January 1, 2993, writing

Ang cute ng anak ko. Nung maliit sya pisngot ang ilong, buti na lang tumangos na rin sa kapipindot ni Edmund. We saved money on a possible noselift.
Nyke January 1, 1993, cute

I remember leaving him alone for a few minutes and when I went back to the room, the plastic table was full of scribbles. Pinagsusulatan nya yung lamesa. I scolded him and gave him tabo with water and soap and a sponge scrub. Pina-is-is ko sa kanya yung mga sulat. Eh wala namang kamuang-muang. He willingly followed what I ordered him to do.
“Mommy this one? And this one?” “Also this one?” “It’s gone mommy, this one also?”

2 years and 11 nonths
Nyke 3 years old, Jan 1, 1993


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