Okada Manila’s Medley Buffet10:04 PM Sunday February 25, 2018 |

February 16, 2018.

We explored OKADA Manila’s sprawling casino resort hotel after we had lunch at Red Spice. We found ourselves inside the Medley Buffet restaurant making usyoso.
We were impressed with the wide range of gourmet food selections. They practically have every dish you could think of.

Medley Buffet, Okada Manila 1

Medley Buffet, Okada Manila 2

Look how big the clams are.
Medley Buffet, seafood selection

Sashimi variety
Medley Buffet, sushi section

Medley Buffet, Okada Manila 4

Sashimi boat
Medley Buffet, sashimi boat

I wonder how they are able to maintain freshness of the seafood. There were only few people dining when we were there. This things must be consumed in a day or two.

Medley Buffet, Okada Manila, Edmund

Giant tuna
Medley Buffet, giant tuna fish

Medley Buffet, salad

Medley Buffet, salad area

Medley Buffet, 5

Cold cuts
Medley Buffet,  cold cuts

If you love prosciutto, this is the place to go. Dito pa lang sulit na yung pera mo.
Medley Buffet,  prosciutto leg

Medley Buffet,  smoked fish

Pasta section
Medley Buffet, pasta section

This is literally and figuratively red meat. This’ the reddest meat I have ever seen in a restaurant anywhere in the world.
Medley Buffet, red meat

Medley Buffet,  Okada Manila,  6

Asian noodles station
Medley Buffet, Asian Noodle Station

Indian food, Tandoori
Medley Buffet, Indian food

Medley Buffet, lechon

Medley Buffet, vietnamese food section

Chinese food station
Medley Buffet, dimsum station

Medley Buffet, Okada Manila, dessert

Medley Buffet, dessert section

Medley Buffet,  dessert station,  8

Medley Buffet restaurant,  dining area

Chocolate fondue
Medley Buffet, chocolate fondue

Medley Buffet,  sweets

Filipino native desserts
Medley Buffet,  Filipino desserts

The food displays were so appetizing but all we could do was stare because we just had lunch. We had no more space in our stomach.
Medley Buffet,  7

This is such a nice place to bring guests. The food choices are tremendous. I will bring Aileen and Bong here when they visit in April.

Medley Buffet
Ground floor, OKADA Manila
New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City
Parañaque City, 1701, Metro Manila, Philippines

Price per person — Sunday lunch P 2,700 per person
Call (02) 555 5799 for reservations


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