Old Mother’s Day Card from Oyen10:51 AM Sunday April 08, 2018 |

Aside from old photos and videos, I am also finding old greeting cards from my family and relatives. I was pleasantly  surprised when I unearthed this pink envelope buried beneath the piles of old photos.

mother's day pink envelope from Oyen

I  have completely forgotten that my daughter sent me a mother’s day greeting card back when she was in college.

mother's day card from Oyen NY

I sent her away to college and she hated me because she wanted to go to Ateneo de Manila instead to be with her elementary and high school friends. I wanted her to be independent, to be able to walk around freely, blend in her surroundings, ride trains and buses, to experience freedom, and learn to be tough. Of course to have the kind of education she can be proud of one day. An education that’s better than what I had.  From the moment she was born I was focused on giving her a US education and it was too late for me to realize how hard it was for a mother to send her child away. I missed her so much and I cried every day.  It was a tough lesson on letting go.

Mother's day card from Oyen May 8, 2005

This was at our old house.
photo with oyen may 27, 2004

card from Oyen May 2005

She survived it with flying colors.


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