On Leave08:38 AM Monday April 30, 2018 |

My leave starts tomorrow, May 1, 2018.

OMB site will probably have a few remaining posts for April just for diary updating.

Those who wish to reach me, pls send message to ohmybuhay@gmail.com or thru the ohmybuhay comment section.

If you are inquiring about Ford cars, you may direct your call to our sales managers or to any of the sales consultants at Ford Cainta in Ortigas Avenue Extension, or at Ford EDSA in Greenhills, or at Makati Ford in Pasong Tamo. Our people are more up to date with regards to the current pricing of each model, financing promos of banks, allowable discounts, vehicle specifications, etc.   If it’s about the repair,  just send your vehicle to any of our service facilities.  I am confident our able technicians will fix it.   If you have concerns about parts or service,  please feel free to speak to the service manager or to Mel,  our customer service manager.     Ford is a great brand and we, at Ford EDSA, Ford Cainta, Makati Ford,  want nothing but to make our clients satisfied.  However  if for any reason you are not happy  or your  car cannot be fixed anymore,  make your life simple.  Just buy a new one,  from us again of course saan pa.

Please do not call me because my cellphone would be off most of the time and I might be switching it on only for a few minutes once a week. For messages, email is better but expect my response within 24 hours and not immediately as I would be in a different time zone.

Those who have my Viber number, you may message me thru Viber but I may not be able to respond right away because of time zone difference. As a matter of habit, I do not acknowledge forwarded messages. Please do not send me sexually explicit jokes, sexy videos, violent video clips, at pwede ba hindi ako interesadong malaman ang pangalan ng mga aso ni Ibong Adarna. Etong mga aso nga namin hirap na akong memorayhin ang mga pangalan nila. At lalo namang ayaw kong mag-basa ng press releases about how great China is. To our politician friends, please do not send me campaign materials because I will not be in Manila on May 14 to vote for you.

Although I’ve posted this before, people still like to message me on Facebook applying for a job. To reiterate, PLEASE DO NOT send me a message on FB to apply for a job. I cannot just hire you only because you asked. Send your resume to admin@makatiford.com and our HR will process your application to see if your qualification matches any job vacancy. A lot of people message me about wanting to be hired but when I advise them to email their biodata no one does. Business has slowed down tremendously this year as a result of the government’s TRAIN and excise tax so I am not sure if we are currently hiring. Maybe. Just apply.

Please do not text, call or message me if you are borrowing money.   Hindi na ako mabait at maawain ngayon.

You are most welcome to message me anytime if you wish to give me money for FREE.

Guys, there is an overflowing supply of bad people nowadays so try to be different. Be good. Be kind. Be considerate of others.

Happy May to all of you. See you around.


  1. Thank u for the advise, Ms Annie ❤️ Wherever u may be from May 1 onwards, i wish u will always be in the best of health, and ur tooth won’t give u anymore pain while on vacation,. Pls don’t forget to bring MEDS for fever, allergies, diarrhea, dyspepsia and for whatever ailments that might bring u discomfort..

    Take good care of urself and have a relaxing and stress-free vacation

    God bless u and ur family always

  2. God bless you Mam Annie. Rest well and be well , I will be praying for you. We will surely miss your writing so I’m hoping that you will return to blogging soon.

    I was walking home from work 2 days ago and I looked up in the blue sky. Then I realized that I am happy inspite of every bad thing happening in the world. Inspite of my health problems and family struggles. Prayers lang talaga. So I pray that God be with you always. You are really blessed with your loving husband, son and daughter. Kahit si Antonia blessing with her tinola. Ingat and God bless you.

  3. Blog again soon Ms.Annie my days will not be complete without ohmybuhay. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Happy Birthday in Advance…. Have a great time…. I’ll miss OMB… great stories….looking forward to more…..Cheers…

  5. Hi Ms. A, silent OMB-er here.

    hope you are well! I know I’m not speaking just for myself when I say that I miss you hahaha!! But please enjoy your well deserved holiday.

    God bless you and your family.

  6. Belated happy birthday mam at gaya ng lahat ng readers mo eh namimiss ko narin po magbasa. magkakaroon kaya ng reading marathon sa inyong pagbabalik mag post? hehehe.

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