One Year Schengen Visa Validity10:40 PM Thursday April 19, 2018 |

The European countries normally give a visa validity just enough for the specified duration of travel not even a day extra.

We renewed our Schengen visa last February and used it in March.
We are again visiting the member states so this time I submitted a letter of request if they could extend to us a longer visa expiration date for greater travel flexibility. While I was writing the letter, my daughter told me her friends did the same thing. They requested for a longer validity and they were promptly—- DENIED. They were given two weeks validity.
I told her I would just go ahead and send my letter, nothing to lose. I’ll just try.

I sent our passports and some standard documentary requirements plus my simple letter of request. Surprise, the Spanish Embassy granted my request. But it’s funny because Oyen and I got a generous one year multiple visa while Edmund was given six months only. He is complaining of discrimination. Ano yan gender equality? Haha.

Schengen visa

Mi sincero agradecimiento a la embajada española.

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