PAL flight 720 to London06:00 AM Tuesday March 13, 2018 |

March 11, 2018 Manila

The good thing about leaving on a Sunday is that traffic is considerably less. What could have been a minimum of two hours ride, it only took us half hour from our house to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2.

NAIA 2 entrance

No bomb jokes please.
No bomb jokes please

The PAL check in crew asked for our PAL Mabuhay Membership numbers. I wrote it down at the back of my passport but when I checked, the back part was full of stickers from embassies and the tiny sticker with my Mabuhay Membership number disappeared. Buti na lang Oyen saved my number in her cellphone. My husband and daughter were making fun of me because I didn’t have my PALmiles number. Pinagkakaisahan nila ako.

PAL check in March 11, 2018

Filling out departure forms
NAIA 2 departure forms

We stayed at the lounge for a while. There were two Chinese guys who were accosted by a PAL ground crew because they were smoking inside the Mabuhay lounge. Meron din sila vape. Ang tapang nung PAL crew. She said “what’s this? What’s this?” She was asking the guys. “Give me your boarding pass. If you don’t want to give me your boarding pass, I will call the security”.
Kaya kayo ha, remember: no smoking at the airport, no vaping, no smoking marijuana, no smoking even if it’s e-cigarette.

My husband told me never to take his picture at this angle because his stomach is protruding. Busog lang sya kasi ang dami namin kinain for breakfast. Is that what you call stomach? Eh akin nga at any angle eh protruding.
PAL flight 720 March 11, 2018

The plane was a lot newer than the one we took from Manila to London last April 2017. Th extra compartment located in front of the seats is perfect for my bag, extra sweater, etc. Instead of putting my bag in the overhead compartment, this one is easily accessible. Anytime I need to get something from my bag, nadyan lang sya sa tapat ko.
PAL plane compartment

Mango smoothie for me. Bahala na kung pumururot uli ako.
PAL mango smoothie

PAL flight attendant Ralph Manaloto
PAL flight attendant Ralph Manaloto

My husband was the one who chose and reserved our seats. He was the one who decided whether we would seat together in the middle row or Yen and I by the window. But when we boarded, he realized I was seated beside Oyen. Pinapalipat ako. “Tart, magkalayo tayo, lipat ka dito, dito ka na lang”.
A—–“Miss mo na ako agad?”.
E—–“Bilisan mo, lipat ka na”.
The purser and flight attendants heard us. I told them my husband is clingy.
Purser—–“It’s better that he’s clingy. Start worrying when he is no longer clingy”.
Stewardess—-“Mam, may I know how long have you been married?”
A—–“We’re going to celebrate our 35th anniversary this year kaya sawang sawa na kami sa isa’t isa”.
Syempre shocked sila. Meron pa palang ganyan ngayon. Hindi lang nila alam sometimes we wanted to strangle each other.

PAL 720 to London  March 11, 2018

E—–“Tart, bilis, lipat ka na dito”.
(Sige na nga, sobra nya akong miss agad). Ayaw ko sanang umupo muna sa tabi nya while he drinks champagne. Baka matapunan na naman nya ako.
PAL flight to London,  March 11, 2018


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