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I’ve been missing the general membership meetings of the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines for the past two years. Lagi kasi natyetyempo I was out of the country.

Although February 15 was a bit rushed because it was in between two red letter days- Valentines and Chinese New Year, I made sure I calendared it.

I have done away with wearing blazers and suits. Too formal and too hot.

I made an effort though to wear a pair of more formal shoes dying to get some fresh air. I haven’t worn these shoes ever since I bought them several years ago. The patent leather was already sticky from humidity and masikip na rin. Ang sakit ng paa ko but I still wore it. I brought another pair of more comfortable shoes in case I couldn’t bear wearing this patent leather for my next meeting.

black patent leather shoes

I tried to remove the lints that were stuck to the sticky patent leather but they didn’t want to come off. Nakadikit talaga.
sticky patent leather

OMB Feb 15, 2018

Casual get up paired with a more formal patent leather shoes with ribbons.
OMB Feb 15, 2018  Wed.


    1. Hi,
      I believe I bought this blouse from one of the boutiques at the North Las Vegas Premium Outlet. I forgot which particular store.
      My blouse is in the laundry, will check the label as soon as the maid brings it up to my room.

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