Philippines is co-owned by China10:30 PM Thursday March 08, 2018 |

Antonia reads the morning newspaper that’s why she’s adept with current events.

She has strong opposition to our government’s inclination to share parts of our country to our friendly neighbor China. She shares the same sentiment as my friend G who is actually serving in government but only voices out her opinions in private. She said we’ve been sold to China. Kung tutoo yan o magkatutoo, hindi na tayo P.I. (Philippine Islands), kundi Islands of the Republic of China.

Editorial,  co-owners

Philippine Star editorial,  Co-owners

Antonia’s DNA came from a long lineage of katipuneros who fought for independence from the Spaniards. She actually shares the same surname as one of the senators na matapang. Antonia and relatives are Marcos loyalists.

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