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The middle eastern guy manning a kiosk at the Forum Shops inside Caesar’s Palace selling plantsa volunteered to take my photo against this Dolce & Gabbana boutique at the Forum Shop.

las vegas Anniegram,  The Forum Shops

I grabbed the offer not realizing the catch. He tried to sell me three pieces of flat iron. From $250 each the price dropped to $34 but I was bent on not buying. He made so many sweet offers but I still didn’t buy. His sales pitch was Dr. Vicky Bello bought 6 pieces from him.
kiosks selling flat iron

flat iron for sale

He also tried to impress me by speaking in Tagalog sentences not just words. I was impressed but I really didn’t need a plantsa. I don’t mind wearing creased clothes. Even when in Manila, I go out with gusot-gusot dress.

His persistence was impressive.

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