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September 7, 2017 Thursday

My daughter is only staying for a week, technically just to attend in her cousin’s wedding. With limited time, of course shopping at the premium outlet is first on the list.

IMG_0033 luxury awaits

Daughter has been to this shopping area several times in the past. She has a shopping companion. She’s an adult and can shop for herself. And most important thing, she has her own credit cards. She doesn’t need her mother.

IMG_0032 outlet registration

I am free to roam around by myself and here I go:

I didn’t look at any of the dresses. I am so very fat. No dress would fit me. I will not look good on any dress.
IMG_0036 ports dresses

There were a couple of stores that have closed down. Sad. This Z Gallerie spot used to be clothes warehouse.
IMG_0075 Z gallerie

Max Mara used to be my favorite brand for business suits. That was 20 years ago when there was no global warming yet.
IMG_0062 Max Mara

Kaya daw malakas ang benta ng mga handbags kasi bags are not size sensitive. Hindi na kailangan na mag-diet. Even with a 37 waistline, any bag would still look good on any girl kahit XXL pa body nya. (good alibi).
IMG_0037 Prada outlet

IMG_0038 Prada pink bags

IMG_0044 Prada new styles

I haven’t entered the Furla boutique even once.
IMG_0063 Furla

I bought my turtle passport holder from Kate Spade at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet last June. They now have swans on their leather goods. I hope they’ll have chickens in their next collection. Bibili ako ng bag na may manok pag meron na sila. Krooook krooook.
IMG_0064 Kate Spade swans

I didn’t like any of the bags on display. I walked to the footwear section.
IMG_0039 prada shoes

$145 + 9.25 % tax = $158.41 x 51.40 = P8,142.40 Prada slippers
IMG_0040 prada slippers

No attraction this time, I looked at the dresses.

$2,410 + 9.25% tax = $2,632.93 x 51.40 = P 135,332.35
IMG_0041 prada spaghetti dress

Business wear
IMG_0042 Prada business suits

I’ve seen this Ferragamo sandals before.
IMG_0048 ferragamo black sandals

I failed to notice the 60% sticker, bale ano na lang pala $507 – 60% off = $202.80 + 9.25% = $221.56 x 51.40 = P 11,388.13. Pwede na. Matagal na kasi ito dito, tila last year ko pa ito nakita. Kaya siguro 60% off na.
IMG_0046 ferragamo sole

Hitsura pa lang, mukhang masakit na sa paa.
IMG_0055 black and white stilletos Ferragamo

$975 less discount = $750
IMG_0054 ferragamo with feathers

Cute ito, green and pink
IMG_0049 pink and green sandals ferragamo

I like this light blue color better than the green and pink.

IMG_0053 ferragamo 3 sandals

oh this is nice.
IMG_0050 light blue ferragamo sandals

I tried it on. Cute parang pang-high school student. This pair is a 6.5 medyo masikip. I asked for a size 7 or 7.5 but they only have a 6.5 and next would be 8.5. The store clerk said this would still expand. Naku, I have a lot of shoes already “waiting to expand”. Masakit pa rin. Meron yung isa I brought to the shoe repair shop and for $25 three days overnight stay, the shoes didn’t expand. Masakit pa rin.

Ano kaya? Baka nga mag-expand? Hmmmm…. I will only get to wear this for a maximum of 3 times, sure ako dyan. Wag na lang. Pass.
IMG_0056 blue sandals, Ferragamo

I need a new pair of sunglasses.
IMG_0061 trying on sunglasses

I spotted their shelves for scarves and shawls.
IMG_0058 Ferragamo scarves and shawls

Nahihilig ako sa shawl
IMG_0060 Ferragamo shawl

It’s hard to choose which color. If I have a lot of money I will buy a dozen in different colors. But since cash is not bottomless, I have to choose only one, or two.

IMG_0077 Gucci shawls

This one na lang, easy to match with most of my clothes.
IMG_0090 Gucci navy blue two tone

IMG_0089 navy blue shawl

IMG_0088 Gucci shawl dark blue

I got tired walking. I am no longer a marathoner when it comes to shopping. Wala nalalaos na, tumatanda na talaga.
I don’t go to all the stores. I only visit a few suki.

Yen and Derrick were not yet done shopping. I found a bench to sit on near the stall selling souvenir items. They even have a Pokemon stuff toy. Miss ko anak ko tuloy. Pokemon was his most favorite character. He would not sleep without cuddling his tiny Pokemon pillow.
IMG_0099 Pokemon

I saw on one of the benches pero naduduling ako sa antok. I still have jet lag plus the Bonamine tablet made me real sleepy.
IMG_0067 so sleepy

I just sat there observing people passing by. The shoppers here are mostly Asians.
IMG_0073 Asian shoppers

I am too sleepy but too afraid to close my eyes. Baka pagmulat ko wala na ang bag ko.
IMG_0074 I am too sleepy

Finally they were done. Marami daw mga pabili.
IMG_0101 shopping bags

We ate first at the fast food before leaving.

We were already in the car when I mentioned to Oyen that I was able to buy shawls. She said she also needed a shawl to use at the wedding kasi her gown is off shoulder. We moved our car closer to the Gucci boutique.
IMG_0092 gucci boutique, premium outlet

She found a beige one that can match any dress. While she was paying at the cashier, I spotted a pinkish red shawl, grabbed it and gave it to my daughter for her to pay, on my behalf!!! Kapal ko. Eto, instead of paying for one shawl, it became a “buy one and get one more for your mother”. Thanks anak.
IMG_0091 Gucci shawls

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